5500+ wells corrected

105+ million feet of data

serviced over 443 unique rigs with over 96 unique customers

In the short time since its inception in 2015, Superior QC has established itself as the industry leader in survey management technology, gaining the trust of many of the largest Global Oil & Gas Operators. By adapting Space Flight Navigation algorithms, experts from the Aerospace industry came together to solve the difficult task of optimized wellbore placement. What makes the Superior QC approach more advanced than the traditional and dated methods currently available on the market is the unique ability to innovate solutions that leverage best-in-class analytical & statistical frameworks as well as operational best practices from both the Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries. Through head-to-head comparisons, Superior QC has been proven time and time again to possess the most accurate & reliable survey correction algorithms on the market.

In addition to state-of-the-art survey correction software, Superior QC prides itself on the ability and willingness to tackle even the most challenging projects. This includes undertaking forensic investigations of production issues, well spacing concerns, complications created by wellbore tortuosity, well collisions, and any other wellbore surveying quandaries that may require further explanation. It is Superior QC’s policy to give the correct answer, not the easy answer, in all cases which has helped build a level of trust that has positioned Superior QC as the go-to survey management company.


We have the most advanced technology, and our best-in-class people are dedicated to delivering it to our clients.

Chad Hanak
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Founder Chad Hanak, Ph.D. brings extensive experience from NASA designing automated Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) algorithms for manned and unmanned spacecraft. Algorithms and navigation approaches that are designed for safely guiding spacecraft re-entering the Earth atmosphere at 5.5+ miles per second have proven valuable when applied to automated analysis of downhole data. Solutions of this type are the primary specialty of Superior QC. And because everyone loves spaceships, here are a few videos:

As the architect of the Orion real-time navigation algorithm, Chad created a mission critical system that is required to safely guide the vehicle as it re-enters the Earth atmosphere at more than 5.5+ miles per second. See the vehicle successfully re-enter from space during Entry Flight Test 1 here. The big parachutes deploy at about the 9:30 mark in the video.

Another of the vehicles to rely on a Hanak navigation system design was the Morpheus prototype Lunar lander. See one of the test flights here.

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